New Online Casino Licenses

With online casinos growing from strength to strength across the globe, players may be wondering: how do we know that a new online casino or gambling site is legitimate? Well, that’s where gaming licences come in. Many licensing authorities operate across the world, while some function at a local/national level under government control.

A new casino online boasting accreditation from licensing bodies demonstrates its legitimacy. This provides potential customers with the reassurance that the site is operating within the law and regulations, and safeguards against scams. Generally speaking, a platform with a number of licences to its name will be a safe place to partake in the gambling activities offered.

The Purpose of Gambling Authorities and LicencesWhy Check the Gambling Licence?Popular Gaming Licences
DGOJ Spain

Online casinos in Spain have been regulated since 2011 by the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling, the DGOJ. New online casinos in Spain need to have one of two licenses to operate. The first is a general license, the second is a special license.

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Regional Council of Darmstadt

What is the Regional Council of Darmstadt responsible for? How does a gaming operator apply for an online gambling license, and what are the requirements? Here’s everything you need to know.

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Alderney Gambling Control Commission

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) is a distinguished regulatory body in the online gaming industry. Holding a license from the AGCC is a mark of credibility for online casinos. It means that the casino adheres to the rigorous standards set by the commission, ensuring both player protection and game fairness.

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What Players Must Know When Selecting New Online Casino in 2024

What Players Must Know When Selecting New Online Casino in 2024

Getting started at a new online casino might look like a straightforward process of choosing a licensed casino with various games to play. But in reality, players must make many critical considerations to enjoy the ultimate online gambling experience. Besides licensing and security, players must consider features like banking, customer support, mobile compatibility, and more.

How to Start an Online Casino Business and Become an Operator

How to Start an Online Casino Business and Become an Operator

According to reports, the online gambling business had an estimated market value of $57 billion in 2021. Experts also project the industry to grow by 11.7% annually and have an average value of $145.6 billion by 2030. With these statistics in mind, it's evident that the online gambling industry still has room for you to start an online casino from scratch.

How did Michael Owen Breach UK Gambling Regulations?

How did Michael Owen Breach UK Gambling Regulations?

In this blog, I’ll breakdown the reasons why former soccer sensation Michael Owen’s actions violated UK laws. Criticized for tweeting promotions about a crypto casino, which did not register with the UK Gambling Commission, the star violated gambling regulations.

Ethan Williams
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The Purpose of Gambling Authorities and Licences

Depending on a player's country of residence, the purpose of a gambling authority is to carry out checks on online casino operators, ensuring they are operating within any laws and regulations that apply within the jurisdiction. Some gambling authorities also operate internationally, independent of any one government and monitor gambling websites for any violations of industry rules and codes of best practice; ensuring games are run fairly and players are being paid any winnings they are owed.

Licences are used by gambling authorities to demonstrate that platforms are appropriately registered and are abiding by any rules and legal regulations they dictate. Players can search for these licences to establish legitimacy before signing up with a new online casino. Government sanctioned gambling authorities will typically have enforcement powers granted to them, allowing them to sanction or shut down any gambling business that isn’t following the rules, ensuring that players are always kept safe.

Why Check the Gambling Licence?

Checking gambling licences for established and new casinos online is an effective way of ensuring a business is legitimate and not simply a scam. From a player's perspective, it is important to check the provider's gambling licences so they can be reassured they will be paid any winnings they are owed and that their data will be kept safe.

Players can also check these licences as a way of determining that the new casino games to play provided by an online casino are within the industry's best practices and are being operated fairly - or put simply, that the games aren’t unfairly rigged.

Players from certain jurisdictions will also be subject to stricter laws and regulations than other regions. Some countries heavily limit gambling activities, restricting players to websites that are registered within the nation. In these cases, locally specific licences will be issued to legally registered casinos by government authorities, which players may wish to check for so they know they won’t potentially be violating any laws themselves by playing on a certain site.

Popular Gaming Licences

UK Gambling Commission: With powers being granted to the UK Gambling Commission by the 2005 Gambling Act, this regulatory body has established an international reputation, which earns it respect in the online gaming world. Charged with regulating gambling businesses by ensuring fairness, player safety, protection of minors and preventing money laundering, players and casinos around the world regularly seek the legitimacy and trust gained from licences issued by this authority. The commission has strict rules for online casinos, which are rigorously enforced.

Malta Gaming Authority: Established in 2001 to oversee gambling activities in Malta, including operators based and run from other international territories. The authority offers four different licences, which vary depending on the kind of gambling taking place. Sportsbooks, lotteries and online slots are just a few of the gaming categories that fall under the control of the MGA. Fairness and safety of players are what the authority seeks to protect.

Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission: An independent statutory board, the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Authority was established in 1962 and has since earned a reputation for robust and effective implementation of its regulations. The authority aims to protect players on the island in land-based and online casinos, ensuring minors are unable to access gambling activities and that operators are running games fairly and paying out any winnings.

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