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When using the CasinoRank website, please note that you agree to our terms and conditions and you should make yourself aware of the following:


Because CasinoRank can be accessed online from all over the world, we may get reached from countries that have different rules for online gaming than the majority of our users. It is not practical for us to work out what the laws are related to you and whether you are able to use our site.

We have therefore placed limitations on players from certain parts of the world. If you require further clarification about our work in this field, please contact us. Use of our site is available for people over the age of 18 or over the legal age in their jurisdiction, whichever is the higher.

To ensure that minors do not access the site, CasinoRank reserves the right to request proof of age. Any play or use of the site by minors will be treated as void which includes any winning income a person has obtained. Use of the site is not permitted where the jurisdiction in that area prohibits a person from playing.


Players who use the CasinoRank website do so at their own risk and are solely responsible for their actions. A player that places a real money bet is doing so while indicating that they are legally allowed to do so.

We are unable to provide any warranty with respect to the legal status of any player engaging in real money activity on any external websites.

Terms & Conditions, General Rules

These rules apply for all of the following acts:

  • Being a guest on our site
  • Creating an account with the site
  • Utilizing real or bonus money on site
  • Taking a prize from the site

The following are all part of the terms and conditions of the site:

  • If you are a winner, you are available for promotional activities organized by the site. We will always endeavor to protect your privacy during these times.
  • You agree to all terms and conditions, including any revisions stated.
  • In case you don't understand or agree to the terms and conditions, you will remove yourself from the site or not return.
  • You undertake a periodical (recommended: every month) review of the terms and conditions of the site to ensure you are keeping yourself informed and up to date.
  • The responsibility to ensure you are eligible to use the site lies solely with the user. This includes meeting all age requirements for your jurisdiction and ensuring there are no legal or any other restrictions preventing you from playing on the site.
  • Using or accessing our site, one will not find any of our services, activities, promotional material, or other content to be offensive, obscene, objectionable, or indecent.
  • All visitors and users will agree to not allow access to their account to any third party nor will they utilize software to access the site on their behalf.
  • The user should understand that it is not required to deposit or place a bet to gain and then utilize the software.
  • All users agree to indemnify CasinoRank, our employees, directors, officers and all affiliated or associated agents, organizations or persons fully against any liabilities, costs, expenses or damages that arise from any use of or transaction by a user on our site.

Transactions include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Gaining access to, using or reusing our site
  • Using or reusing materials provided by our site
  • Gaining access to, using or reusing our server
  • Use of our site
  • Accepting any prize from our site

Brand policies

All users will indemnify CasinoRank, our employees, directors, officers and all affiliated or associated agents, organizations or persons fully against any liabilities, costs, expenses or damages that arise from any action, legal or otherwise, taken by a player or third party acting on behalf of a player.

This stands for all interactions or engagements with CasinoRank, our employees, directors, officers and all affiliated or associated agents, organizations or persons. This includes but is not necessarily limited to any action that comes about due to any criminalisation that occurs within the online gaming industry for a particular player's jurisdiction.

Users do not possess any rights to the CasinoRank trading name, specific terms (for example payoff lines) or any materials, terms, or otherwise incorporated into our site, software, or communications.

Any player who applies to open a real money account with us authorizes us, and any agents working at our request, to examine their credit-rating and whether they are in a position to be credit-worthy for the account. This applies to the initial application as well as any deposit or deposits a player makes while with the casino.

All of our promotions have their own specific terms and conditions which will be provided via links on the relevant pages of any promotional. The user will lose access to the bonus if the promotional specific T&Cs are not met. The bonus will be removed from the user's account in accordance with the affiliated casino's terms and conditions.

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