July 13, 2022

Top 5 Casino Locations to Visit in 2022

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In this blog, I’ll explore modern casino tourist attractions and offer information about the evolution of gambling from world-renowned locations to emerging gambling destinations to consider.

Top 5 Casino Locations to Visit in 2022

Modern Gambling Destinations

Mirroring original casinos, modern gambling establishments attract tourists from across the globe. Some destinations showcase fancy casinos to increase tourism. Even destinations that were once leery of gambling have joined the casino culture. Investors spend millions to build new venues, which offer countries expansive income from sportsbooks and land-based casino revenue. 

Even though online betting continues to skyrocket in popularity, casino destinations are still wildly popular, attracting gambling enthusiasts who bring considerable amounts of cash. Let’s explore two of the most popular gambling destinations: Monaco and the United States.


Monte Carlo is a vacation destination for the uber-rich. Its lavish casino, Casino de Monte Carlo, is Monaco’s high-end entertainment center, which offers extensive gambling options for tourists who travel from across the globe to wager. In addition to casinos, sports and horse race betting help increase tourism in the country.

Known for its glitzy celebrity scene and rich patrons who travel in luxury yachts and private planes to visit the region, the small country enjoys a booming tourist economy. Monaco’s population has a high number of millionaires. Local laws prevent Monaco’s residents from gambling in the Monte Carlo Casino, except for foreign-born residents.

Emerging Destinations

A few destinations are fast becoming favorite locations for gamblers to frequent. These locations have a few commonalities, including numerous opportunities for visitors to wager on classic and modern casino games, luxurious accommodations, and VIP experiences.

Macau, China

In China, Macau’s casino market has exploded in growth and surpassed even Las Vegas in size. With more than 376,000 square meters of casino space for gamblers, the Venetian has more than 1500 slots and 640 tables. In 2003, the region was still conservative but as laws changed so did attitudes toward gambling. Since it is the only place for gamblers in China, the venues are booming with business. With casinos and sports gambling, the large market is a popular tourist destination.


With a host of high-profile locations, VIPs visit London to gamble at breathtaking casinos with modern gambling attractions. Offering a variety of gaming experiences, the city is known for attracting tourists from all over the world. Recently, London has become a destination for casino enthusiasts who frequent some high-end land-based establishments to wager. Five-star casinos attract visitors who enjoy gambling, food, and fun.


As an exotic vacation destination, Brazil is primed to develop casino centers with shopping, restaurants, luxury hotels, and convention centers to attract casino goers from across the globe. Following the blueprint from popular casino destinations, like Punta del Este, the country plans to open up to 25 resort casinos per region gradually to modernize the nation’s tourism.


For those looking to wager in an exotic location, Nassau is emerging as a popular destination to gamble. Easy access from Florida makes it popular for those who want a quick trip and a beautiful locale to gamble. Offering Caribbean beauty and impressive accommodations, the island is turning into one of the most popular casino slots on the global market.

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